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GutGut: active on various levels within the discipline of architecture, from architectural design to urban planning. Their knowledge is international in its scope whilst remaining local in its focus. They combine experience with a fresh boldness, contextual approach with contemporary trends, pragmatism with more speculative thinking, research with practice.

GutGut is co-organizing a festival called Days of Architecture and Design (DAAD) running simultaneously in Bratislava and Košice. This two week event deals with key questions in the fields of architecture and design by means of presentations, lectures, exhibitions, seminars, workshops and discussions.

GutGut is one of the founding members of OFCA – Office for collaborative architects. OFCA is an informal collective of various architects sharing and accumulating their capacities beside the work in their own studios. OFCA focuses on development and discussions about different projects, including competitions, research and grant projects.



Lukáš Kordík | EA Lyon (Fr) 2000/2001, graduated FASTU BA 2003
Števo Polakovič | graduated FASTU BA 1987


Jana Benková | architect
Samuel Zeman | architect
Katka Bergerová | architect
Patrícia Botková | architect
Andrej Šabo | architect

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