Clayesmore School

Clayesmore school is an international school, whose participants are children from around the world. It is located 160 km from London Airport, near Bournemouth. The school has a marvelous reputation and infrastructure. Classes for all kinds of sports, music and English are held on the school premises, with the exception of horse riding, which holds closely. Clayesmore also has an indoor pool and a gym. The camp is designed for 150 people + 50 kids (8-12 years).

Program English + sport, English + Music, English + Activity

• Age 9-16 years
• Duration From 2 weeks
• The intensity of 15 hours of English + 15 hours of sports or music
• Location Dorset, England

Sport + Language

The program includes 3 hours of daily sports training and 3 hours of learning English. Thus, the child not only develops the language skills, but also an opportunity to consolidate the acquired knowledge into practice during sports activities.

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English lessons are aimed at the development of communication skills and vocabulary of participants, so that they can find new friends and improve the skills in a chosen sport.
Students are divided into groups depending on the level of language proficiency.

Elementary and Pre-Intermediate

Classes of these levels are devoted mainly develop basic communication skills: familiarity with people, understanding the coach and the orientation camp.


Students at this level are improving basic language skills: speech, listening, free communication. It is expected to take part in two projects: the creation of Exsportise Express newspaper and website “My sports idols”.

Upper Intermediate and Advanced

Classes are similar in structure to the lessons Intermediate, however, they are aimed at improving the language skills in more specific areas in accordance with programm , which are selected depending on the wishes and interests of children. Possible participation in projects: studying abroad – “Higher Education Fair” Sports and Society – “Sports: make the world better.”

English Music +

The program is organized in partnership with Eton Place Music Company to students who enjoy the music. Every student is given maximum attention. During the week there are many rehearsals and performances, at the end of the week they have theater performance for all the teachers and students.
There are two options to choose from: vocal and instrumental music.


1. Solo and choral singing;
2. Singing in correct English;
3. Increased self-confidence and improve performance of equipment;
4. A variety of sounds and vocal styles

Instrumental music:

1. Improved sense of rhythm;
2. Playing the orchestra and percussion instruments;
3. Work on technique